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In summary the evidence that a post exercise reduction in plasma glutamine is due to increased consumption by immune cells and that glutamine supplementation can prevent the temporary immuno-suppression that occurs is weak.

In light of the above discussion it is not surprising to find that the (few) studies of glutamine on exercise performance have failed to find any benefit either on immediate performance when consumed immediately prior to exercise or over a period of 6 weeks.

One study of 6 resistance trained men consuming approximately 23g of glutamine one hour prior to exercise did not find any improvement in their performance on the leg press or bench press compared to placebo (18).
Another study composed of 31 young adults failed to find any improvement in strength or lean body mass after undergoing 6 weeks of glutamine supplementation and a resistance training program (19).

In conclusion there is little evidence for the use of glutamine for any of its claimed benefits to athletes or sports people.

Commonly used dosages

Glutamine is most commonly sold as a powder with recommendations to consume 5 - 20g per day.

Some timed release formulations of glutamine are also sold. In order to maintain a high plasma glutamine concentration it is necessary to supplement with glutamine every 30 minutes (15), so there is some logic to this. However the amounts released are likely to be too low to have any benefit.
The evidence shows that less glutamine is used by the intestines as the amount consumed increases. When 1.5g is consumed the amount used by the intestines is as high as 75% compared with 55% when doses of 9g are consumed (11).

This indicates that timed release formulas are likely to be far less effective at increasing blood levels of glutamine than consuming a large amount of standard glutamine in one go.


No adverse effects have been seen from short term supplementation with doses up to 60g/day in hospital patients (20).

There has been a report of two individuals developing mania after consuming 2g and 4g a day of glutamine (21). The condition disappeared on cessation of glutamine intake.

None known

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