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Dr Griffiths explains why he won't be offering Macrolane® to his patients.

Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid based filler designed specifically for breast enlargement. It is a liquid/gel type filler which is similar to the popular fillers used in the face such as Restylane® or Juvederm®.

These fillers have been used safely in the face for many years and with very good esthetic results. Macrolane however is a much thicker gel than that used in the face and is usually used in much larger quantities, enough can be used to increase breasts by one cup size.
On paper Macrolane® seems great, breast enlargement without surgery, less downtime and which the makers of Macrolane® claim will last for up to 18 months.

But what has been the experience of patients? I personally have never offered Macrolane® to patients, but my research leads me to the conclusion that I never will. There are many reports from patients and other esthetic clinics that this treatment doesn't always live up to expectations.

First of all many patients seem to find the injection quite painful and the pain lasts in some cases almost as long as for a conventional breast augmentation using silicone implants.

Secondly there have been a worrying number of reports of patients developing hard capsules around the injected gel as the body tries to wall off what it perceives as a foreign substance. This can lead to hard feeling breasts, lumpiness and a difference in size between the right and left breasts.

Finally some patients report that far from lasting 18 months that the treatment has actually lasted less than a year. Given that the price of Macrolane® is usually one third to one half that of a traditional silicone implant, this doesn't exactly work out as cost effective.

For the moment then, I continue to advise patients interested in breast enlargement to consider the tried and tested implant surgery which has a good track record of both safety and good long lasting esthetic results.